SPARS Mentoring with Kirk Imamura

The School of Media Arts & Studies in partnership with the Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS) will present an exclusive AskSPARS seminar featuring Kirk Imamura, President of Avatar Studios and President of SPARS. The event, which will take place on Thursday, November 13 at 7:30pm in Schoonover 346 is also sponsored by the […]

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AES Convention Recap

The highlight of this meeting was a recap from our OU students who attended the AES 137th Convention in Los Angeles. Students who went gave short presentations about something they learned or observed, and discussions were welcomed from all students in attendance.

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2014-2015 AY Kickoff & Monitoring Shootout

The meeting was opened up with an introduction to new Ohio University students to what AES is all about. We discussed it’s advantages, introduced ourselves as officers, and opened the floor to discussion to what they wanted to learn about. We then moved on to a discussion and activity about monitoring. Here’s the powerpoint (using […]

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Sept 20 2012

Section Elections For 2014 – 15 AY

Elections were held and a discussion of future meetings for the next school year was covered. The newly elected exec. board agreed on making as many connections and networking opportunities during this summer, as to benefit the Ohio University AES chapter next year. The election went as follows: Olivia Powers – President Greg Ornella – […]

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AEA Ribbon Microphone Presentation

Wes Dooley, the renowned owner of AEA (Audio Engineering Associates) and elite ribbon microphone designer will be connecting with us via video chat. Wes Dooley is not only one of the leading microphone designers in the world, but also has extensive experience in Audio Forensics, has authored several stereo recording system publications, and is an […]

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Convention Wrap Up & Mobile Recording

Steven Van Dyne led a Skype meeting with Guy Charbonneau, one of the leading professionals in mobile recording through the 80’s and 90’s, to today. Everything from his business model, to technical setups and arrangements, and a few of his recent gigs came up. He gave us a full tour of his facility and mobile […]

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The Future of Adaptive Game Music

David Young, a distinguished 2012 MDIA alumnus who produces original music for a variety of media, including games, published a paper as part of the 49th International AES Conference (Audio for Games) that examines what the future may hold for music in video games. The Ohio University Student Section was lucky enough to have David […]

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Audio Career Options, & Student-Led Rec Session

For the first AES meeting of the year, the board started off by discussing the many unknown career options for audio engineers. Later on in the meeting, a brief recording session was conducted using various types of mics. The recording was then played back for the attendees. At that point we discussed how and why […]

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Feature 1

Elections & Student Led Listening Session

Interested in getting more involved in AES? Want to get feedback on your mixes before turning them in for a final grade? Don’t miss this final AES meeting of the semester! Please bring your stereo mixes on a cd / hard drive ready for playback. The listening session will kickoff right after our new officers […]

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